#10 Easy Ways on How to Crack NEET 2020

So, you are looking for tips on how you can crack neet in 2020. Well, you are at the right place.

If you are looking forward to appearing in neet 2020 attempt then most probably you are in 11th standard right now. Which means you have plenty of time to prepare for neet 2020.

It’s good that you are utilizing this time helping yourself with neet 2020 preparation. So, let’s dive into the question, how to crack neet 2020?

Cracking neet in not an easy task be it neet 2019 or neet 2020, but students preparing for the 2020 attempt have the time advantage.

For Feb 2020 attempt students have got 18 months to prepare and for May attempt, 21 months. I would suggest appearing in both the attempts as your best score, out of the both, will be considered as your neet score.

Now, you may have been advised (by friends or family) to focus on your school studies first. Score good marks in the unit tests, midterms and all and leave neet preparation for the later.

By later I mean, maybe in 2019 or taking a whole year break to prepare for neet.

If you have already decided to drop a year to prepare for neet then I would suggest reading this post further, you might need to think about it twice after you finish reading.

Let me tell you the benefit of neet preparation without dropping a year or should I say with your school.

As I have mentioned the plan in my previous post on how to prepare for neet:

1. Prepare chapters/study from NCERT.

2. Watch video lectures if you are preparing online for neet or take your class if you are it offline.

3. Solve at least 100 test series for neet for each chapter of chemistry and physics, and 200 question from each chapter in biology.

While you study from NCERT in your school, you are simultaneously preparing for neet exam, cause the syllabus of CBSE Board matches exactly with NEET syllabus.

Same for State Board, Students who are giving their high school exams from state boards are also preparing for neet as neet and state board shared the same syllabus.

However, it’s not as easy as it sounds. You have got to follow a schedule and to do so you have to make one. It’s very important to make a daily study timetable for neet exam if you intend to have positive results.

As your school syllabus helps a lot in the neer preparation, I don’t see any point of dropping a whole year to prepare for neet.

I know it’s difficult but remember ‘hardest roads leads to greatest destinations’.

If you haven’t started preparing for neet yet, you better start it. Considering Feb 2020 attempt as a target, you have 78 weeks to prepare which means weekly you need to give 20-22 hours to your studies.

So, how many hours to study daily to crack neet in 2020?

3-4 hours needs to be devoted for daily study. Even if you complete one chapter per week it will be enough for better preparation.



After the latest announcement on neet eligibility criteria 2019 by NTA, you should keep an eye on syllabus too.

There is no update on neet 2020 syllabus yet but stay updated who knows NTA shoot the students with the syllabus update.

Moreover, with the objective to clear the neet exam, it’s important to know about the complete syllabus, so that you only focus on something which is required to crack the exam.


As we discussed the study timetable for neet above, time management is the key to follow that schedule.

Managing time can even help you spare some ME TIME as well. In which you can do what you like or what your hobbies are or anything that refreshes you.


Neglecting any topic just because you find it hard to understand is a big ‘no-no’. You should focus even more on those topics and get the doubts cleared.

There are chances that basic questions from the topic, you left unstudied, appear in the exam. So, it’s important you at least know the basics of each and every chapter of the neet exam syllabus.


Practice makes the man perfect, and the more you practice with the test papers the more you get yourself ready for the actual exam.

In today’s world, everything is online and it’s too easy to find test series for neet online to practice. Solving test papers also help in evaluating your performance.

Try comparing the test you solve with the previous one. This will help in reducing the chances of committing mistakes and increase in the performance with every test you take will also motivate you.


Mistakes are the best teacher.

Try making a note which contains all the mistakes you made in the tests or in while preparing. After a certain period of time, you will end up having a number of mistakes.

Review them and make sure you are not doing it in your next step.

Regular review of your mistakes is important. So that you learn from them and not commit them in the exam.


Making class notes and reviewing them after the class is one of the best practices for exam preparation.

Students tend to remember the longest what they write while taking the class.

Revise later from the notes. This smart revision technique will save your time and boost your confidence to make more optimized notes.


Have confidence in yourself. The positive attitude will lead you towards strong preparation and strong preparation will lead you to positive results.

Self-belief is the key to success.


The previous point (no. 7) and this point don’t just help you crack the neet exam but to crack every challenge of your life. ‘Believe Yourself, Be Consistent’ with what you are doing and you know what you are doing is right.

To this post’s context, you should be consistent with your studies. Make it your habit to complete your daily targets until you succeed.


These changes may arise a doubt about your neet preparation that whether to focus on preparation or not. But I would suggest not to do that.

Changes will come and go, just don’t focus on that.

Let’s talk about more about notifications. A few days back NTA announced that the NEET exam will happen twice in a year from 2019 onwards.

But, the latest notification by NTA says, NEET will happen only once in a year.

Don’t allow these notifications have an impact on your preparation. Once or twice, doesn’t matter, you have to give your best shot in the very first chance you get.


Make sure you choose the best coaching to study. Considering the fact that neet 2020 attempters have got comparatively have more time to prepare for those who are planning for the 2019 attempt.

This time should be utilized properly for neet preparation only. As teachers play a major role in a student’s preparation. Students should also make sure that they are choosing the right place to study.

There are a number of options available in the market, both online and offline, but I would suggest you consider taking online coaching.

As having everything available online students can now study for neet online too.

Online coaching for neet saves a lot of your time and money, not just that they also have the experts to teach for which you need to pay 2-3 lacs as tuition fee (if you go for online coaching).

So, choose your coaching course wisely.

At NEETPrep, we provide free trial courses as well. We are, at the moment providing a free trial course of 10 complete chapters which are the part of 97 chapters of neet exam syllabus.

We are giving students this free trial just to make them sure about us. If they find the lectures helpful, then only they enroll in our video course.

If you have a dream to become a Doctor then take it seriously. Work hard for that, be honest to your goals, be consistent.

All the Best!

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