Neet (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) is scheduled to be on 19 Feb 2019 and students are already started preparing for neet 2019 attempt.


Some students may have started the preparation, some might be in between it or some may have completed it and looking for supplements for neet preparation.


One thing is sure, that students of all three categories (mentioned above) must be looking for the best book for neet preparation.


But, guess what, you don’t have to be worried about that. Study from NCERT and you’ll cover the major concepts for the exam.


A survey had shown that students, who appeared in the neet exam, have said that more than 50% of the questions are from NCERT book.


You read it right. Students don’t have to have 10 supplementary books for each subject to prepare for neet. As my previous post, How to Prepare for Neet 2019, says, study smart and not hard.


You don’t have time to waste, so study from the books which have ample share of questions and can really help to get through the exam.


What students should be really worried about is the important chapters for neet exam from the NCERT book.


Instead of focusing on quantity, neet aspirants should focus on quality. By this I mean, focus more on what’s gonna help you clear the exam and don’t just fill up your bookshelf.


However, I totally understand that NCERT books are not enough to cover all the concepts. But that really doesn’t mean that students should have 10 extra books for each subject.


Students should only have 1 additional book for each subject. And here they are:



Recommended Book – ERROR LESS

Publisher – UNIVERSAL

The book has two volumes.



Recommended Book – P. BAHADUR

Publisher – GRB

This book has one volume



Recommended Book – DR. ALI


This one also has two volumes.


These are the well-known books and are totally trustworthy for better neet preparation.


Now, some students may not like it or their teachers may not prefer them this one. it’s totally fine, but try to make sure that you only have ONE additional book for each subject.


Here is the video of an expert, Kapil Gupta Sir, explaining why there should only be supplement book for not just neet exam but for every exam.


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