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For an effective preparation of NEET 2018, the best advise for students is to study all of the ncert chapters for physics, chemistry and bio and follow one book each as for reference and problem solving. To simplify the study pattern, let us take a close look at the time available for preparation and the find the best possible way to allocate this time towards completing the entire syllabus. a student that begins preparation from their eleventh standard will have roughly 108 weeks of time before they appear for the exam, of which 4 weeks maybe kept aside specifically for the board exams, 4 weeks for all school based tests and 4 more weeks to cover all festivities and recreational or productive activities besides studying. this leaves us with over 90 weeks that could be geered towards preparation for the NEET exam. There are 97 chapters to be covered in bio, phy and chemistry combined; it will take roughly around 400 hours to have studied all chapters from the ncert textbooks, another 700 hours to include coaching and time expended on watching online videos and another 2000 hours to solve at least 100 problems for each chapter translating to an overall 9700 problems that need to solved in total. the total time required, therefore, to finish these exercises sums upto 3100 hours, which when divided between the 90 weeks of time thats available for preparation means one has to study at least 36 hours a week, consistently.

Following are the additional reference books that maybe followed for each subject:



Errorless (Volume 1 & 2)
Publisher: Universal
Available on Amazon at the link


Dr. P Bahadur
Publisher: GRB
Available on Amazon at the link


Dr. Ali (Volume 1 & 2)
Publisher: Sasa Publications
Available on Amazon at the link

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